Pete’s Greatest Hits

I still have no idea how to revise the format of my blog to show top posts on the right side instead of an archive by month, so this will have to do.  Here’s a list of my favorite posts that I have written (sounds really egotistic) and a note on each.

Hog’s Head Barbacoa
– The post that started the ADB blog.  Still, to this day, one of my most aggressive undertakings and it led to one of my prouder bloggin’ moments when Rick Bayless tweeted a link to it.

Heart and Bones
– Another crazy ambitious meal but I would only describe half of it as a success.  I need to take another crack at heart at some point, but likely won’t attempt fried bone marrow again since, while delicious, it is too decadent.  Also, I won’t cook these insanely heavy ingredients in 90 degree summer heat again.

The Chicken Slaughter
– Otherwise known as the post where I tested my limits on what I believe I should be willing to do to continue eating meat.  A good experience for a kid that grew up in the suburbs.

Fish Cakes and Spaghetti
– A post in memory of my father on the one year anniversary of his death.  The stories about him help shed some light on why I eat and cook the stuff I do.

Everything Morocco
– A recap of my trip to Morocco with a few friends and the crazy food I consumed there.  Every other trip I’ve taken I look back and wish I had dove into the local food scene more, but after Morocco I had no regrets.

Iron Chef Sausage (Featuring Scotch Eggs)
– I love the Iron Chef posts and parties, though I know they don’t translate well to this blog (it’s a lot of talking about my stupid friends).  This meal was amazing though, those eggs cooked perfectly.

Best of Philadelphia
– Kristi and I lived there for two years, and we ate a ton of great food.  Very underrated food city.  Longest post I’ve ever written I think.

Hamachi Kama (Yellowfin Tuna Collar)
– A clumsy, pudgy kid from New Jersey attempts to recreate the skillful work of highly trained sushi chefs.  Hilarity ensues.  If you have an easy to please sense of humor, that is.

Momere’s Baked Beans
– My attempt to recreate Kristi’s Great-Grandmother’s baked beans and share a few stories about her as well.  She is the bawmb.

– A true test to see if I’ve actually become a better cook since starting this blog.  Very difficult, and the outcome of the question is still TBD.

Goat Head Cheese
– An instant classic… for anyone who can stomach reading it.  Easily one of my grossest posts, but knowing that people who would never eat these ingredients normally enjoyed it should make it easier, right?  No?  OK, well, that is the general goal of the blog.

– A pig stomach stuffed with sausage and smoked.  Needed Brother Tim’s help with this one since it was one of my more ambitious endeavors.  Think smokey meatloaf balloon.

The Breakfast Burger
– One of a series of different takes on burgers that I’ve written about on the blog, but the tastiest one by far.  Great pictures in this one.

Cow Udder
– The post that assured “Curiosity killed the cat” would be on my tombstone.  How to handle a piece of meat most people wouldn’t think is edible?  Cure it for three months in your wine fridge.

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing
– I participate in a real man activity (deep sea fishing) and document it so you can all know I am a real man.  I am like Pinocchio or something with these descriptions.

Rocky Mountain Oysters
– This meal was the Balls.  Wokka wokka.  In short: Pete buys some testicles and cooks them.

2 thoughts on “Pete’s Greatest Hits

  1. Love your blog and the post about your Dad’s favourite meal brought a tear to my eye, I’m too lazy to be an adventurous cook but love reading about yours!

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