About Pete

Pete is a married, 33 year-old, recent MBA graduate working in brand management in Boston.  I love to cook, but am generally bored with the confines of cooking from recipes and started challenging myself to try new things.  There is something really exciting to me about thinking of interesting ways to use an ingredient, having a whole meal come together in my head, then executing it to the best of my abilities.  I guess a lot in the kitchen and don’t really know what I am doing, but I like attempting new cooking techniques, trying new foods, and using old ingredients in new ways.

My sidekicks in this endeavor are:
– My lovely and patient wife Kristi, who is never afraid to give helpful critiques and unhelpful jabs.
– Our daughter, Janet, who has a surprising interest in most of the odd items I cook, particularly salty organ meats.
– My brothers, Tim & John, and my mother (referred to as Mommy Ryan).  Tim is the villain (a great cook on his own but also a jerk), John is the eater, and Mommy is the genetic source of my love of cooking.
– Kristi’s family, that keeps my venison supply stable but would prefer if I kept the organ cooking out of their homes.
– A rotating cast of friends with varying degrees of tolerance for some of my more adventurous cooking.

With this blog and in life, I constantly try to be funny and fail often.  My goal is to post once a week, and the best way to stay updated on new posts is to subscribe or follow me on twitter (@ThePeteIsOn).

P.S. You might see references on older posts to ADB or myself as a DB.  This blog was previously called ADB which was a spoof of a VC blog and that I was in fact a DB.  The title made sense at first when I was just writing for a small group of friends, but now as it gets shared with more people, I had to change it.  It was mildly embarrassing to share the URL with people I didn’t know well and drew the constant question of “What’s a DB?”.

3 thoughts on “About Pete

  1. Peter – I am so very impressed, amused and appetite-enhanced by your blog – why did we never know what you could do in this field? Kevin would be so thrilled to work with you and experiment too! Will write more. Much love to you both – Maudie

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